undo/redo function added.

It has been a while since I’ve touched cloudpaint.com. I’ve implemented
an undo stack recently which is now for the first time included in the
app. You can now undo/redo 5 steps. Unfortunately I had to change various
things and I did not have the time to test it thoroughly.
I’ll post an update here when the bugfixes are ready!

have fun,

missing features

There are a few missing features to get the tool complete, I decided to create a list an place it here.

  1. undo
    I did some work on this already. The possibilities here range from simple single step undo to cached multistep history a la photoshop. The original tool featured simple single step undo which is probably what I’m going to do.
  2. symmetry tool
    this was placed under “goodies” in the original tool. The function enabled the user to create some sweet symmetry artworks. Since the dialog is already there the function should be enabled as well.
  3. some incredible miraculous mind-blowing new feature the world has not seen before! it is time to get excited ;)
    I had in mind to develop some sort of “evolutionary sidebranch” of painting tools the world would have seen if macpaint had been developed in a different direction. Can you imagine how photoshop would look like today if the things would not have been added in exactly the way they were added in the past? I somehow find this an interesting idea… ok, seriously.. I’d like to put something new in there.


touch support

The last few days I’ve been working on the tablet version of cloudpaint.com. Fortunately it
was less painful than expected and today I publish a functional tablet ready version
tested on my 1GHz android tablet on Firefox mobile.
There are some issues with other mobile browsers (Android native and probably others).
I’m unable to test now on other mobile HTML platforms (such as Windows8, IOS…)

Some interesting things I’ve found out when doing this:

  • displaying the “native” tablet keyboard in the browser is impossible as far as i know, so I switched to a browser touch keyboard that works nicely with some tweaks (see jsKeyboard)
  • debugging on tablets is quite cumbersome. I’ve helped myself with console.log outputs routed to a div (since no javascript console is available)
  • it is definitely necessary to have a short change/upload/test-cycle when coding for mobile browsers. As no interactive console is available on the mobile browsers its only possible to upload and reload. Feels a bit like coding for IE6 at times, I hope the situation will change to the better soon. Firebug mobile anyone?

If anyone can report if this version works on other platforms (ios, win8) please leave a comment! Thank you!

Happy doodling. Cheers.

Getting tablet ready

cloudpaint.com has been live for a while now. It has been tested on several platforms including flavours of linux, windows running on netbooks and desktop pcs on all major browsers. One important missing feature is tablet compatibility. I would really love to test this on a tablet with stylus input such as the Galaxy Note, however my lowend tablet target platform here is an Arnova 9 G2 1GHz tablet. Browser performance is rather low, even for rather static websites so I’m afraid getting the application run properly could get rather challenging. However – since this can be considered the very low end platform for the app – getting it to run at all can be counted a success. I have managed to get the test environment running on a local test vm so it is less painful than expected to update and test the app on the tablet.

cloudpaint.com on an arnova g2 android tablet

Hello world!

The header says it all…this is october 18. and we’re about to get ready. There are a few things left to do before cloudpaint is going live. Some easy bugs to fix, some style fixes but nothing too serious. WordPress has been installed with the current default theme – just no time now to dabble too deep into design. At least there is some way to publish now.

Oh yes… something else. I was wondering if there is some way to publish to WordPress from Sublime Edit. Could be cool to publish directly from the text editor. Should look this up…